A warm welcome is extended to our members and potential members, who want to embrace this wonderful opportunity of owning their own invaluable piece of our beautiful island. We are pleased to present this very special one of a kind housing project entitled "Scenic View Homes Development" as a realization of our dream to make home ownership a possibility to many.

Nestled beneath the picturesque views of the majestic St. Peters Hills lay several acres of prime land, which has been alloted to the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union for its Credit Union Scenic View Homes Development Project. With the constant demand for housing within the Federation, a dream was born to provide affordable housing to the present and potential membership, it was then nurtured, and finally the institution’s energies were focused on acquiring premier land to satisfy the needs of its members, who have voiced their desire to have their own home.

This development provides the membership with elegant and affordable housing, a location that is easily accessible and not far from the heart of the town, the opportunity to create a unique Caribbean Community, the opportunity for further advancement through investment, and finally the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for most.

Several stylish design options are available for the members to decide on along with the purchase of different square footage of land. These homes cater to small, medium and large families, and are designed to provide adequate and affordable accommodations. The possibility of purchasing the land first is also available as the institution recognizes that some members may not be ready to start their home but rather wish to acquire the land until they are.

This innovative project is unique in its structure, as future plans for the area will ensure the development of a self sufficient community, which has never been done within the Federation. The community will offer a sense of security for its children to play as well as the allowances for small business opportunities such as mini supermarkets, convenience stores, daycares, etc. This distinctive idea would serve to augment the community bond that is presently being eroded throughout the Federation and the wider Caribbean.

Without a doubt, this impressive housing development would be a welcomed addition to the other housing projects around the island and also provide a testament to the objective of most Kittitians whose life goals include the owning of property and/or a home. Based on this objective, the St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union Limited has designed these homes so that its membership can achieve their aspirations while creating a community that they can be proud of.